ProfilePicMartine Mongrain is professional photographer since 1984, finishing of Cégep de Matane in photography. She worked in Quebec for the photographer Eugène Kedl, before becoming freelance photographer in 1988 until today in Montreal, where she has her place of business.

Solicited by various companies, companies of state, magazines, agencies, etc, as much for the corporative portraits and of business, the photograph industrial, air, architecture, publicity or reports, it adapt to all the situations with the great pleasure of its customers.

Besides having the eye to emphasize all its subjects, as much human than static, it makes existing matter a surprising work of art. To use the light, the movement, to see another thing that what the camera perceives at the beginning, is the force and the intuition of Martine.

And when it is found in contact with nature; then, all becomes magic in front of its eyes. All is a discovery, in search of the light and of spontaneous creation. Moreover, the travel is its stimulation of every moment. Lastly, to let speak its imaginary through the objective about its camera gets one single moment to him. To take the ultimate moment and to capture the image in time, but, especially to make so that this one becomes Article.